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Bearville Guide Forums Terms and Conditions

Bearville Guide Forums is directed to people who are at least 13 years old or older. If you are the parent or guardian of the child younger than 13 years old, we advice you to read the Privacy Policy located at the bottom of this page. If you have further questions, feel free to contact the site owner.

Policies and Guidelines or Bearville Guide Forums (BGF) is a fan-based community for™.™ (BABV) is an online game geared toward young children, teenagers and adults who are loyal patrons of Build-A-Bear Workshop®. The majority of our members are young, or young at heart, and therefore, everything posted on this site must stay safe and kid-friendly. Foul language, pictures, links, and derogatory references including, but not limited to, race, religion, gender, or disability will not be tolerated. Any post containing inappropriate material will be deleted and the author of such post will be given a warning. Repeated violations of any rules or instructions from BGF Moderators and/or Administrators (“Officers”) will result in a suspension and/or expulsion from the site.

BGF Officers reserve the right to edit, move, or delete any post without warning or reason. Posts that contain real names (whether yours or somebody else’s), or slander/criticize members, will be edited and/or deleted. Posts that are posted in the wrong forum topic will be moved to the proper area or deleted without warning. Posts that contain inflammatory remarks, reference to violent acts, or that contain violations of the policies of BGF contained in the Rules and Regulations, will be deleted. Posts referencing any films/tv programs that are not suitable for General Viewing are not permitted. Posts that lack content and/or considered spam will be deleted. If you repeatedly start posts in an inappropriate section, spam the forums, or post improper content, then your posting privileges will be suspended and your account may be expelled.

Anyone with access to a computer and the internet may visit these forums. As such, any information posted here is visible to anyone anywhere at any time. Do not under any circumstances post any personal information.

Personal Information: Please do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES post, or ask for, personal information in this site. Personal information includes, but is not limited to, full names, cities, school names, friend’s names/information, passwords, ages, account information, real life photos of yourself, real life videos of yourself and/or friends, or any information that could assist another person in locating you or stealing your identity. This includes, but is not limited to, passing this information to another through BGF Private Message (PM) system and anywhere within member profiles. If anyone asks you for personal information, please let an officer know right away. This includes, but is not limited to, giving out email addresses, IM screen names, phone numbers, social networking sites, etc.

Posting Rules

All of the Policies and Guidelines cover all areas of Bearville Guide Forums, whether it be the forums and the member profiles.

Advertising Personal Sites/Forums: Please do not advertise external sites or forums within, without the site owner's permission. We do not have a problem with other sites; however, we cannot monitor the activities of other sites. Any link to any external site will be deleted unless it has been previously approved by the site owner.

The exception to this rule are Build-A-Bear Workshop® affiliated websites, BGF affiliated websites, official weblinkers or approved video hosting sites. If you are unsure if a site is suitable, then contact an officer for approval.

Inappropriate Content/Material: Posts or Member profiles that contain, or make reference to, race, ethnic origin, religious belief, or orientational preference are not appropriate for this site. Also, posts containing foul language, or making reference to nudity, violence, or drug and alcohol use (or any other illegal substance), are not allowed within BGF. Officers will edit or delete any item not adhering to this rule immediately, and will take appropriate action against the member, according to the severity of the offense.

Flaming: This is when a user intentionally disrupts a thread by posting inaccurate, inflammatory, or hateful comments. This is usually done with the desire to get a heated reaction from other posters. Keep in mind that this is a family-oriented and kid-friendly site, and our forums are not meant for instigating arguments. Whereas members may have a difference in opinion, be sure to keep fighting to a minimum.

Spamming: Spamming can be considered multiple things; but overall, spam is any post that does not follow or contribute to the subject matter of the original topic. We do not tolerate spamming on BGF.

Signatures: Signatures may be no larger than 250 pixels high by 500 pixels wide. This rule is in place to show consideration to others while using the forums. If your signature exceeds 250 pixels in height, an officer will send you a private message to ask you to resize your image. If you see this reminder, decrease your signature size immediately.

Impersonation of Other Members: Creating accounts that use similar, or existing, member names in order to slander existing members, or cause misconceptions towards another member, is not allowed. This behavior will quickly lead to being suspended from BGF.

Impersonation of Special Bearville Friends: Creating accounts under the names of MaxineCEB, ChloeRocks, CyBearGuides, SheaMegale and posing as these special characters will quickly lead to being suspended from BGF.

Sharing and Multiple Accounts: Members are only allowed to have one account. If you have more than one account, your additional accounts will be suspended indefinitely. Multiple members of a single household are encouraged to each have their own account. That way you may each state your own opinion freely. Do not let others on your account ever. If they do something that is against the rules, your account could be suspended.

Rules regarding codes

1. Posting of purchased item codes is not allowed. A purchased item code comes from items purchased in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and other retail stores. While the codes given MAY be universal or generic, we do not post those codes here as a respect to those who bought those items for the code.

2. Please do not share receipt codes, Bearville Outfitter codes, credits, BearBills Game Card codes, SFS Codes, and Animal ID's and Keycodes.


We do not tolerate scamming here on BGF. Do not share your account information in exchange for codes, credits, and/or bearbills. Please keep your BGF password and BABV password safe! We do not give out BABV codes, credits and items, except for the following:
- free club tee
- contest prizes
- auction items

*We have a special section for trading - the BearXchange. All trades are monitored by officers and are all valid and safe.

Officers do not ask for your account information, codes and items from members. Beware of impersonators! If someone asks for your password or any information related to your account here and Build-A-Bearville, notify an officer right away!

The BGF Officers

The officers check all content for its compliance with the Policies and Guidelines and dispense disciplinary action at their sole discretion but always with the approval and consent of the site owner. If you feel your punishment is harsh, you may appeal to the officer who gave you the warning, or contact the site owner. Public appeals on the forums are not tolerated and may result in further disciplinary action.

If you see a post of a questionable nature, please notify an officer by clicking on the “Report” button included in each post. Please include a brief explanation of why you believe the item needs attention. Please do NOT take matters into your own hands by replying to the message, or PMing the author to scold them yourself. Remember - we want a safe and happy environment for all of our members and guests.


Bearville Guide Forums is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or any other damages, arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website, or in reliance on the information available on the site. This includes any personal injury, business interruption, loss of use, lost data, lost profits, or any other pecuniary loss. Bearville Guide Forums is not responsible for the content of our users’ posts, and states that the views of our users are not necessarily that of

Bearville Guide Forums reserves the right to add, delete, or modify its Policies and Guidelines at any time, and your registration at this site signifies your willingness to these changes without notification.

Watermarked images posted in the BGF News Portal or Front Page only ensures that the screenshots came from members of Bearville Guide Forums so that other blogs and forum sites cannot copy. Watermarked images on this site are taken from™ and/or Build-A-Bear Workshop®.

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