Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 21, 2009 5:27 pm

Classified Ads Section

Now here's a special section for all your requests STRICTLY FOR BGF AND BABV.

Follow these basic rules:

For an Ad poster:

1. All board rules apply.

2. DO NOT ask for bearbills, items and codes here! Offering your help with a charge (bearbills or items) is not allowed.

3. DO NOT offer bearbills, items and codes for your requests.

4. DO NOT look for someone to trade with. We have a section for trades.

5. DO NOT ask and/offer graphics for avatars, siggys and profile comment cards. We have Art Shops for these special requests.

6. DO NOT ask for people to join your event, party or walks here. We have sections for that.

7. A maximum of 3 ads per member is allowed. If the member posted 3 ads, they should be responded to or otherwise locked by an officer before the member can run another ad.

8. If you need to add some information, please PM an officer first. DO NOT keep editing your ads.

9. All conversations about your ad should be made public. Sending PM's about this is not allowed.

10. Always be fair when picking an applicant. Choose wisely. DO NOT change your mind after picking someone. IF you can no longer proceed with the project, reply to your thread with a brief explanation and ask an officer to lock it.

11. Ads with no responses will be deleted after 3 days.

12. When you've picked someone for your ad and the project is done, tag your thread as solved. To do this, simply edit your thread and click "Solved". Reply to your thread and make a comment about how it all went. Officers will then lock your post. You may also PM an officer to tag your thread.

13. Officers have the right to trash new ads without further notice, if these ads do not comply with rules.

Here are sample templates for posting Ads:

For an Ad responder or applicant:
1. All board rules apply.

2. DO NOT ask for bearbills, items and codes here! Offering your help with a charge (bearbills or items) is not allowed.

3. DO NOT send a PM to the Ad poster, asking them to pick you.

4. Always be nice, especially if someone else was chosen.

5. There is no limit to the number of ads you want to respond to.

6. If you were chose but you can no longer do it because something came up, reply to the thread and briefly explain why. The Ad poster will then choose another person to do the task.

Enjoy! cheers

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Re: Rules and Guidelines

Post by Fleur on Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:07 am

Omg!! yay!! You did my idea!! wooohoo admin rocks!!!
cheers cheers cheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheerscheers

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