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Post by aga13 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:22 am

Sorry i haven't been updating lately. My computer broke but now I have a new one!!!

When I last posted I talked about the art studio being remodled, well its finished if you havent noticed and looks magnificent! Full of colors and lots of new things to create like necklaces, wallhanging, and more statues and pictures! When you go inside you also get this cool emoticon!!

Its Saftey Month so go on down and talk to Bearamy in the Town Square and look for five cones. Here are some hint on where to look:
1 This is when the smarties go
2 The Niehborhood is a great place to start.
3 Burger flipping is always welcomed here
4 All Aboard thats going ashore
5 You can take pictures of wild animals!
When you've found them all go talk to Bearamy again and take the quiz, you'll get lots of cool safty gear and even a nother emiticon. Also an email will be sent to your parent or gaurdian telling them how you passed the Safty quiz and that yiou rock!

The Spooky Kooky Fun House is Open in celebration for Halloween! Dare to go inside and, for your bravery, get a super cool vampire cape! Go fall into a trapdoor and help find all the pieses to the Grandfather clock by searching through the maze and collecting pieces. Go back everyday to collect a new piece. Also click the witches pot on the top of the stair case and help finish the recycling machine. You'll have to do some exploring. You can also build a Spooky story with the Cat Witch. Just go through the door and click on her! Are you a cuirios little ghost? Then click on things like knights and see what happens(ps $$$$$)

Have you been to the Buildabearville bank? If you havent go check it out. It's pretty cool and if you are a MATH maniac or a CASH Cow you can get a job there!!

Have you meet Blush and Pudsey? we'll they are at the University and need your help. They've lost thier spots and need your help. Find all five spots and get a special prize!

Wow BABV is just full of emoticons! Go read the Paws fur Nature magizine and get a fall emoticon!

Well that's all fur now. I'm aga13 signing off!
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