Trick- or- treating Candy from Oct. 29th

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Trick- or- treating Candy from Oct. 29th

Post by GwynethLove on Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:05 pm

Did you put on your babv costumes and go to Town Square yesterday? Click on Bearemy and start the quest! Pawlette, Ted, Cheetah, and Pawsome Panda your best friends will give candy! Here is the candy list down here:

Candy List from BABV friends:

Cauldron Candy: Bearemy
Skull Candy: Pawlette
Bat Candy: Ted
Spider Candy: Cheetah
Eyeball Candy: Pawsome Panda.

Jokes was named too. Sorry, Brown Sugar Puppy didn't give candy this year.

( sorry i posted too late)
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