Fair's Open!

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Fair's Open!

Post by GwynethLove on Fri Nov 26, 2010 2:38 am

Brr.......... It's time its cold around the Plaza, Boardwalk, and the North Pole! Everyone's wearing their winter items, and of course they are talking and enjoying the fun! The fair games in the Plaza and Boardwalk are open again! ( but not merry-go-round ) Also, there are short-cut machines in Sandy Bear Island.

Boardwalk- there is a bear machine, click on it and the doors will open and you will go in the machine and the doors will close, in a few minutes the doors will flash a light and you will be transported to the North Pole's Ice Skating Rink!

Plaza- there will be a door with candy canes on it. If you roll your mouse around the door, the door will open and snow will fall out! and on top you will see " ???" on it. Then click it. You will be transported inside Santa's workshop!

Also, when you enter the North Pole you will get a free move- a gift unwrapping move! You will unwrap the gift and you will see a cute teddy bear . Aww!

There is gifts in games too!

If you play Santa's Assembly Line at the end of the game ( or you quit) You get elf ears!
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