BuildaBearVille Updates!

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BuildaBearVille Updates!

Post by NikkiAngel877 on Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:56 am

Recently in BuildaBearVille, They came out with hair highlights!

There is also a new Newspaper out today saying non VIBS can visit the zoo for free December 25th-31st.

There is new furniture for Jr. Cybear Guides found in the secret headquarters.

Starting December 26th, There will be a dog park in BABV where you can play with your BABV animals; the Darling Doggies, and train them in this fun game. You can check out the new dog park located by the cave. The Darling Doggies come in colors of Blue, Purple, and Pink. They come with a jeweled bone necklace, a virtual dog house colored the same color the animal is, and a virtual pet room and bed.

Thats it this time! Until then,
Have a pawsome day! !
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Friendly Bear

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