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Post by GabbyChocolate on Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:13 pm

This is a Chapter story im going to write... my style of writing it not usually the typical writing, it leads you with a lot of questions until the end, but i hope you enjoy it none-the-less!

Chapter 1
Bella sat on the edge of the cliff, as she took a deep breath and looked at the trees in the distance below... she rocked herself, as a tear came from the corner of her eye... this was one of her favorite meeting places, for she liked the company of the earth and trees, the advice of the whistling wind...

"ohh why am i different? why am i like this?" She sighed as she looked to the skies, her feet still dangling off the edge she laid back on the grass and closed her eyes, extended her arms and felt herself soar high into the sky....

"Bella... BELLA!" was the voice that interrupted her thoughts "Bella!! what are you doing!? get over here before you fall off!! please come here!" it was Toby, he was like the big brother she never had, but most importantly, her only friend she had ever had.

"Relax Toby,..." Bella said as she swung her feet back to earth and stood up "i come here and do this all the time"

at that Toby's big eyes grew even bigger, "What!??! i don't want to EVER hear about you coming here ever again! do you hear me?"

Bella sighed "okayy... just promise me one thing... please don't tell Papa i come here... please"

Toby's face was over come with joy mixed with sadness "come here you little rascal.." as they headed back to the town Bella looked back, as she silently said "i'll come back for you... i love you and always will...." as they disappeared into the woods on the road back to town....

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Re: Bella

Post by emmie on Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:44 pm

Nce!! i like how she is like a day dreamer and she uses her imagination xD... keep up the good work!
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