Rose: Warrior Princess of the universe. *Warning- May Not Be Appropriate For All Ages*

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Rose: Warrior Princess of the universe. *Warning- May Not Be Appropriate For All Ages*

Post by Hollyheart544 on Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:18 am

Okay, another one of my lame stories. Note it will also be published, just giving a preview. Have to read the actual book to see the rest. Wish me luck

Chapter 1- Rose is Born

“Oh.. She is so cute. I knew I should adopt her. My baby.”
“Yes. Your baby is very pretty. She looks like a rose. You shall call her Rose.” Said Shea Gem, A Doberman Pinscher dog who belonged to Hannah.
“ Yes, Yes, Yes. I shall call her Rose. Rose Gem. She’s Beautiful, as you have said, Shea.” Agreed Hannah.

So, about four years later, Shea Gem started to teach Rose important life lessons. Rose grew up with a girl name Piper, they were best friends since preschool. Shea Gem was eight years old now, and decided to find Rose a dog. In fact, a puppy.

“ It is time, my Rose. “ Said Shea Gem, smiling down at 5 and 1\2 -year-old Rose.
“ For a dog, Shea?” Asked Rose.
“Yes” Said Shea Gem.

Just then, a magical bad person walked in. Her name was Andie. She was out to kill Shea Gem and Hannah.

“Oh no “ Screamed Shea Gem.

Andie took magic, meaning to harm Shea Gem, but when she threw it at Shea, it bounced off of Shea’s collar and ran into Rose. Streaks of magical things hit Rose She went up into the air, and she was given magical powers and she turned into a Princess She had a crown of gold with all the gems of the world Rubies, Diamonds, Amethysts, and everything She had a gold wand with a gold star on top, with a magical string hanging from it. She had a beautiful White and Gold dress and a gorgeous necklace with a gold crown charm on the end. Her shoes were Green, sparkling with diamonds.

“ Are you OK, Rose?” asked Shea Gem, Worried.
“Yes.” Replied Rose.

Just then, Andie took magic at Rose, trying to harm her, but Rose blocked, and the magic hit Shea, and Shea went into the air... and Shea was hit with Magic Rainbow Light which made her most powerful living thing ever

*3 months later*

“Well, well, well,” Said Shea Gem.
“Time to find a puppy?” Asked Rose.
“No, I don’t feel you’re ready for the one I was thinking of.”

Shea knew all legends and everything, so she wrote “The Legend Book”

“I know of a legend of a Collie named Sequin, but she hasn’t been born yet and she’ll be born in six months. And you’re not ready yet anyway.” Said Shea Gem
“OK.” Said Rose. “I can hardly wait

Chapter 2-The Legend of Sequin
So, in six months, Rose was 5and one half years old. Sequin was born a week ago, and Shea Gem thought it was time. So they started to talk about it.

“ You shall travel and you shall get Sequin.” Said Shea Gem, giving in. “I must go with you though, my Rose.”
“Okay” Said Rose

So they set off to find the Legendary Sequin.
They went for one week climbing mountains, running through meadows and woods, walking through desserts and the desert valley, they swam through the Zoomi Lake, and finally reached The Rome Canyon, which was a very dangerous place. This is where Sequin was born, but when they went in the cave they saw the mother had left, which meant Sequin did too... they moved So they ran through the Chired Caves, and went into The Winters Chilly Field. There they found Sequin, in an freezing igloo, with no mother.

“Ok this must be Sequin ” said Rose, pointing at a small collie puppy.
“Gasp That’s Sequin all right. She is not well...what shall we do ?” asked Shea Gem
“OK... maybe we should feed her, water her, and get her warm?”
“Yes” said Shea Gem. “ But I do have a blanket... so I’ll give it to Sequin” Said Shea, lying the blanket over Sequin.

So they left the igloo and ran into the snow, searching for food.

“I don’t know what we should feed her, but I do know there’s a village just ahead of here. It’s called Snow Village.” said Shea Gem.
“Ok let’s go” said Rose.

So they went into the village and got some hot drink and some hot soup and went back into the igloo.

“I think she’ll make it.” Said Shea Gem, feeding the soup and hot drink to Sequin.
“ Yay, but now what do we do?”
“Legend says for Sequin to be well again, you must take her to Green Meadow , and give her to Yi Lash , The Boston Terrier dog who is a slightly wise dog. Then must take her to Rodin, who lives in Zoomi Village, and also is a Wise Expert, and then, Master Gunner, who is in Highland Mountains who is the eldest of the three, also the wisest.

So they Set off to The Green Meadows to see Yi Lash.

Part 3- Road To The Magic Beginning
They reached Yi Lash and he looked amazed to see the legendary Sequin looking into his eyes.

“Excuse us, but we are here to hand you Sequin and do whatever you need to do with her.” Said Shea Gem.
“Let’s see... just hand her to me.” Said Yi Lash.
“OK, here.” Said Shea Gem, dropping her in front of Yi Lash.
“Okay, ready? Asked Yi Lash
“Yes” said Shea Gem.
“Ha Howwwoooo Barked Yi Lash.
“Thank you, Yi Lash..”Said Shea Gem.

So they went to the Zoomi Village for Rodin

“Ahem... I bring to thee Sequin.” Said Shea Gem, looking at Rose.
“Wow.” Said Rodin, surprised.
“Here you go ” said Shea Gem, handing Sequin to Rodin.
“ Aha Howl Whuff whuff ” Barked Rode.
“Thank you master Rodin.” Said Shea Gem.

So they finally went to the Highlands.

“Ahem, Master Gunner.” Said Shea Gem.
“Yes?” Asked Gunner, eyeing Sequin.

“We must make sequin well again!” Exclaimed Shea gem.

“Ah, but this is not the way.” He began. “You must take her to the Golden light!” He said.
“Where is the golden light?” Asked Shea.
“Come on. Follow me.” He said. He walked out of his house and looked to a huge light in the sky. “You must go to the Ancient place called The Ruins Of Socancan.” He said.

So they ran and entered a magical place. There were flowers everywhere, and a big pond. Then, they saw the light in the sky. “There it is!” Exclaimed Rose.

“I know what to do.” Said Shea. She took sequin by the scruff of her neck, and held her high to the golden light. The golden light suddenly struck Sequin. It blinded Shea for a second, but when she looked... there stood Sequin.

Rose picked her up. She hugged sequin. Sequin yipped.

“Rose?” Asked Shea Gem

“Yes?” Asked Rose.
“Time I tell you, Hannah is not your mother. “ Said Shea.

Rose stared into Shea Gem’s eyes. “The- then who is?” Rose asked.
“Skyamin.” Shea said. “An angel.”
Rose was shocked. “Skyamin? You mean the legend of Skyamin is true, and Skyamin is my mother?” Rose screamed. “You didn’t tell me! And it’s not right!” Her anger could not be controlled. Finally, a male voice came. “Calm down Rose.” Rose flipped around to see a Tri color beagle, named Buddy. Black and white, with a tan mask. “Who-who are you?” Rose backed off at the bold stance of the strange dog.
“I am here to say, Andie has found Gemini, the ruler of all evil. And Zoor, her sister. Together they have captured Piper, and Gemini went into Piper and made her an evil monster, Permine. Gemini is actually inside Piper controlling her every move. We must. . kill Piper to be able to defeat Gemini.” Buddy said.
“Kill her!?” Rose gasped. All of a sudden a huge collie burst in. “Buddy!” Her eyes were almost bugging out of her head. “Yes, Topaz?” Buddy asked. “The Permine is here, Teddy cannot defeat her!” She yelled back. Buddy gasped.
“Teddy?” Rose asked, looking strangely at the collie.
“Teddy is another princess who was born by Skyamin’s sister, Sky and another angel, Comet. So she is born magic. But is human.” Topaz explained. Teddy then walked up. “Topaz I can-“ Teddy was about to tell Topaz a way to defeat Permine but she saw Sequin, rose, Hannah, skyamin, and Shea Gem. All staring at her. “... ARE YOUR ROSE!?” Teddy yelled excitedly. She ran and hugged her. “I have been waiting for years for you to be born! I’m fourteen, how old are you?”
“Nine and a half.” Rose said. “Just how old is Gemini?”
“Hmm, let’s see... she’d have to be somewhere around 1550 years old now. Andie’s about 1000, and Zoor is around 1540.” Teddy replied.
“What? No way.” Rose glanced around worriedly.
“Here. A gift.” Teddy held out a sword, diamond and gem studded handle (the handle also was gold) and a pure silver blade. “You’ll need this in the future.”
“A sword?” Rose asked, questioning what this meant.
“Oh yeah, a golden bow and arrow set and a spear too.” Teddy handed them to Rose.
“Why would I need these?”
“To fight. Do you not know you are a warrior princess, as I am?” Teddy smiled.
Oh great. First a fake mom, now I have to be part of bloodshed. Can my life get any worse? Rose thought.
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