How to apply Drop Shadow to your Images: Photoshop (any version)

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How to apply Drop Shadow to your Images: Photoshop (any version)

Post by Bear on Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:14 am

How to apply Drop Shadow to your Images:
Photoshop (any version)

This tutorial will teach you how to apply drop shadow to your images on Photoshop. I am using Photoshop CS5, but any version will work because Photoshop basically has the same features that I'll be doing in this tutorial. Looking for how to apply drop shadow on Gimp? Click here.

Click here to see the final result!

1. Open up your Photoshop and upload the image/text (works for both) that you want to apply the dropshadow on. You can upload a saved image that's in your computer by going to File > Open, or you can use an image you've copied from the Internet, go to File > New, then paste it on your image canvas. Feel free to use the image below.

2. Now, open up the Layers Palette if you don't already by going to the tabs at the top, go to Window > Layers, or type F7 on your keyboard.

3. Select the layer you want to apply dropshadow on, then double click the layer, when you double-click make sure it's near the right, and not where the name of the layer is.

Or at the bottom of the layers palette they'll be icons and select the icon that says "fx", then a menu will come up then select Dropshadow. Or you can go to at the upper tabs, Layer > Layer Style > Drop shadow OR instead of Drop Shadow bring up Blending Options.

4. Now you'll get the blending options window come up, which looks like this:

The settings might be a bit different, and once you save the dropshadow options you can always go back to it and edit it. I won't tell you the options and what they do, because they're pretty self-explanatory and you can pretty much play around and figure it out. Now click okay, and then you now have drop shadow on your image!


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