Remember the day I and you Met?

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Remember the day I and you Met?

Post by ItalianPrincess on Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:54 pm

My butterfly, I remember the
day we met. You bumped into me.
Well, sort of floated, from no where,
and from that moment, I recall what
I said, 'Well, my little butterfly,
where did you come from.?

Butterfly, you laughed, and responded,
'I picked you out, and just floated down,
and landed on your shoulder.

Butterfly, there are many that think
that a Butterfly, can't laugh, but you did.

They think that a Butterfly, does not cry,
but you have.

Butterfly people think you can't
be happy, Butterfly, of did.

Can a Butterfly, caused one to nearly burst
with joy? Butterfly, you did and you have.

Butterfly, there is not a moment, since I
met you, that I can not recall.

Some might wonder what a butterfly, drinks.
Butterfly, shall we let them know, we became
intoxicated, as we sipped the nectar of life.

As my butterfly and I floated through the
wonders of earth, I wish we could of just make this
world ours but we didn't make it we are like members
of a forum in this earth but we have only one
thing to do on this earth.

Butterfly there is the happy sun I love it so
and yes I love you too, your my one and only
butterfly in the world I will never let you go
from my hugs your a dream come true into
my life you and me are like one big Butterfly.

Butterfly I love you and you love me too
lets be one big happy Pink butterfly and lets
Friendly Bear
Friendly Bear

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Re: Remember the day I and you Met?

Post by Cheer on Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:30 am

You're really good at poetry, Trinity C:
Events Planner/Superstar

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Re: Remember the day I and you Met?

Post by AleciaAutumn10 on Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:14 pm

You have awesome poetry skills. I love this poem [:

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Re: Remember the day I and you Met?

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