Movie Section Guidelines

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Movie Section Guidelines

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:24 pm

1. Bearville Guide Rules apply.

2. There is no limit to how many movies and films you'd like to share, however they must be under the ratings of G and PG13 and in English language only. One thread per movie.

3. Regardless of the G and PG13 rating of movies, Bearville Guide Officers reserve the right to review and inspect the movies posted. If deemed unfit for children due to (language, degree of violence, graphics) we may override the G and PG13 rating and remove a movie from the listing, without prior notice.

4. You may post movie posters and spoilers.

5. Bearville Guide respects the differences and opinions of every member in this forum. As such, ideas and feelings about a certain movie might vary. Please be mindful that above all, we are a family-friendly community and we promote understanding and openmindedness in everything we share.

Don't know how to start? Why don't you follow this format?
Movie title:

You may come up with your own style of sharing. You may post your movie review but please do not copy reviews from other sites.

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