Abduction rated PG13

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Abduction rated PG13

Post by priscillaballerina31 on Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:22 am

The star of the movie is Taylor Lautner. I never listen to movie critics. They are really bashing this movie and saying it is no good Go see what you like(with your parents approval of course!)
After all it is just their opinion(movie critics).

This movie was full of action and really kept my interest! I did not fall asleep once!!
Taylor is a teen who tries to uncover his past when he sees his baby picture on a missing persons website. There are lots of chases and you really feel for his character.Sigourny Weaver plays his phsychiatrist but she is secretly a cia agent. When the bad guys show up at his house, he escapes with his cute girl neighbor and they go on the run together. Taylor does most of his stunts in the movie.
Taylor is very talented in his fight scenes and I feel he could be the next big action hero star.
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