Under the Sea Theme!

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Under the Sea Theme!

Post by Dillonus on Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:43 am

Lot's of furtastic new things this month!

First of all is this fun new Under the Sea decor all over Bearville. So far, I've only encountered this sandy theme in Town Square, The Neighborhood, The BABW store, the Fashion District and Pawlette Coufur's Boutique. It is not at the Sportsplex, the Paw Park, or the City Garden, so we can assume it's only in the most popular areas.

Also, new map editions!

Underwater, you can get all the new animals in statue form! You can even pick what color you want them in! So cool! Plus, there's a new game, similar to the Fountain, but all you have to do is simply click it and earn a prize each day. I got a cool new seashell, which is a furniture item.

I also had the fortune to go underwater, in the middle of town! A new feature, just like the rain one, if you saw that a few weeks ago. You can swim under water and see a few fish. And when you're done, you get some sweet goggles! The other times you do it, you get 50 bearbills!

In other news, there are new things in the Bearville Outfitters store!

A new room, although it costs 10 credits, it looks pretty cool!

New clothes, which are also all available for your Furry Friend!

And a new ride!

Great new items in Pawlette Coufur's Boutique too!

Also new furniture in the Bear Stuff Store!

And I recieved a ticket in my bear mail, I think it might have something to do with the theme because it was sent today when everything else was released. Perhaps a Hogwarts ticket (in my dreams, lol) or some sort of new means of transport.

NOTE: I'm really sorry if it took a long time to load with all the pictures and such, I worked pretty hard to get all of these screenshots but I hope you all feel informed!

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